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Logging in takes you to your Dashboard comprising panels of useful information. The main panels that are always visible are the Check-outs, Check-ins and daily Occupancy. Optional panels include Pending Bookings, Scheduled e-mails and the Waiting List. Choose what you want to see and this configuration is saved for each user.

Petwyse Pet Management Dashboard

Features of the Dashboard

Top bar showing key stats

Online bookings are all pending until approved. The number of pending bookings is shown and are listed in the pending booking panel. Next are the Check-ins and Check-outs for today. The number of bookings in the waiting list is also shown and are listed in the appropriate panel. The percentage Occupancy is next, followed by the number of appointments for the day.

Capture payments

Start typing the name or surname of the customer, then choose from the selection offered. This will list all of the bookings where amounts are owing. Select the booking, which will open the payments screen.

Approve Pending Bookings

No need to navigate to the Booking List, Pending Bookings can be approved directly from the Dashboard.

Print the check-ins and outs for the day and week ahead

Plan for the week ahead by printing a full schedule of all upcoming check-ins and outs. View the invoice for each booking.

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